I am a product design leader driven to create products that fulfill user and business objectives.

As a design leader, I create innovative teams that design impactful products. For this reason, I have dedicated much of my time and energy to developing a management style and approach to design to upskill my team and deliver quality products.

I have been fortunate enough to mentor several aspiring designers in my career. My mentorship has taken many forms, from personal one-on-one sessions to developing comprehensive programs that promote better design understanding and skill acquisition.

As a designer, I have always been passionate about creating with a people-first mindset. Who are we serving? What are their needs? What are their goals and objectives?  I aim to create products and experiences that meet user needs, exceed their expectations, and make their lives easier and more enjoyable.


My design leadership is rooted in collaboration and communication. I foster an environment of open dialogue within my team and organization, encouraging the exchange of ideas quickly and regularly. I understand the importance of design in digital product design, from concept to product. My priority is to ensure design remains a priority throughout the process. 
Design Process
My design process is based on the principles of human-centered design. This approach focuses on meeting the end user's needs through research, collaboration, and iteration. I also consider the design's impact on the business through potential revenue, cost savings, and other key objectives. This enables me to create products that are beneficial to both users and the business.

Speaking and Writing
I’ve been fortunate to be asked to offer my insights on various topics in design. I’ve been interviewed, created keynotes, and held webinars to share what I’ve learned during my career. I also like to host or facilitate events on topics I think are important in design today.  

Other Projects:

Design for Good Breakfast Series:
Currently I am helping AIGA Chicago with a new breakfast series called Design for Good. It’s a casual monthly get together over coffee to connect designers who are interested in doing good for one another, introduce other designers interested in doing good to more opportunities, and to highlight the needs of social initiatives.

AIGA Chicago Mentorship:
In 2016 I served as mentor to a group of awesome people interested in getting into a design career. We were selected to create a group project in 10 weeks. We decided to create a podcast about the design process called Process. https://itun.es/i6dd8yQ 

EPIC: Engaging Philanthrapy; Inspiring Creatives:
I have volunteered to both participate and to lead creative teams that were paired with wonderful non-profits to help them with their design needs. In 2010, I led the team that rebranded Literacy Works. You can see their new brand in their 2011 Annual Report.

Other Stuff:

The Dumpsters Hockey Club:
I helped create a hockey club for people who have always wanted to play hockey, but did not know where or how to start. We started out as a group of guys playing at the Y and now have a team that plays weekly. Why the name Dumpsters? Well, that came from the fact that we were terrible hockey players that can only score only garbage goals. It’s not true of course, but we also felt it was a great way to disarm new players and have them feel more comfortable joining our team. Buy some merch and support our team!

The Distance Podcast:
If you want to hear about my dad’s experience running his own business for the past 30 years, check out his episode on The Distance.